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Time Tracker.Net

Project Forecasting

Project Forecasting Helps Professional Services Organizations Develop 'What If' Scenarios, Analyze Costs vs. Benefits, and Identify Trends.

Time pie report

The Tracker Data Warehouse generates an array of reports, including Time Pie graphs

With TrackerSuite.Net, Professional Services organizations can leverage a powerful reporting engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse, that receives data pushed from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules as well as from legacy HR and accounting databases.

The Tracker Data Warehouse offers a wide array of report templates on all aspects of the organization, its processes and efforts. Using these templates, 'What If' scenarios can easily be spun up to determine the value of a project to the organization and its impact on other projects as well as resource allocations.

For example, using an Allocation by Position report, users can assess the impact of adding or removing a certain project status or certain priority project and how it impacts the allocated hours.

The various reports offered by the Tracker Data Warehouse include Time Pies, Project Budget vs. Actual, Billable Hours by Resource, Project Trends and more. The Tracker Data Warehouse also offers a report editor which Professional Service organizations can use to generate their own custom reports.